Microsoft had a strong showing to kick-off their E3 this year. It’s about time all of the platforms in the gaming community can play Minecraft together, even though just the music alone makes me want to play something else these days. The lack of Halo in any form was probably the biggest surprise of all, besides maybe Terry Crews being in the Crackdown 3 trailer, but onto my favorite bits from the presser.

Xbox One X is $499

The Xbox Scorpio that everyone has been waiting for has a new name “Xbox One X”, and will be priced at five hundy in the USA. I don’t think I’ll be going 4K anytime soon, as my television isn’t there yet.

Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility

They only confirmed Crimson Skies will be on the list, but it’s cool knowing Microsoft are still bringing the old archives up to the current generation of gaming.

Sea of Thieves

This game looks like just the right mixture of exploration, battle, and fresh new activities like hauling a giant ship across the high seas. The art looks like some Team Fortress-inspired characters, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I like that it’s co-op against the AI, but also versus at any moment (seemingly). I need more Sea of Thieves!

METRO: Exodus

I didn’t ever expect to see a new Metro game released, and it looks like the new one will be the most versatile of the series. It’s E3, so you only get a taste, but this is the game I’m most interested in that had the least details at the show. Single player, FPS, and based on the “Metro 2033” by Dmitry Glukhovsky


The main event of the show, and for good reason. Not only is this thing going to sell a bunch of Xbox One X’s, but it’s probably going to get people to step their television game up (myself?), too. The story looks just as interesting as the gameplay, which they showed in great detail. It had hints of Horizon Zero Dawn, the film District 9, Mass Effect, and just about any other cool Science Fiction game you can think of. I’m wondering how open the world is in this game, and what kind of multiplayer options there will be. Being able to explore with people will add a lot to the fun factor for me.

Those are the 5 things that stuck with me from the Xbox E3 press conference. Any questions? Hit me up with the #Gamespotting hashtag on Twitter!

Honorable Mentions: DBZ Fighterz, The Last Night, Deep Rock Galactic, State of Decay 2, and Cuphead!