Remy Marcel is a staple of my favorite hometown wrestling promotion, Future Stars of Wrestling. He’s battled, won championships, main evented shows, and just about anything else one could want to do in a single promotion’s ring. He’s currently holding the FSW Tag Team Championships with his partner Jack “The Ripper” Manley, and I was lucky enough to attend that show (FULL REVIEW HERE), but he also travels the country handing out beatings.

Enjoy my interview with Remy “The Gent”…

What’s the first thing you teach a new recruit at your wrestling school?

To wipe their feet before entering the ring.

How did you and Jack Manley become “The Whirlwind Gentlemen”?

Jack and I have been friends for 15 years. When our singles runs became stagnant we decided to link up.

You have the most recognizable hair on the West Coast Wrestling Scene. What would someone have to put on the line for you to put your locks up?

World Title or their career.

If you could change one thing about professional wrestling, what would it be?

Health insurance options.

Where is your favorite place to wrestle outside of Las Vegas?


Is there any one moment in your career that stands out above all the others?

The night Jack and I became Tag Team Champions for the 1st time.

Since the 86’ers have taken over FSW, you’ve shown a darker side. What inspires this extreme violence within you?

Kevin Kross

Who is one pro-wrestler, current or past, that you think deserves way more respect and fanfare from wrestling fans?

Doink the Clown

Do you have an ultimate goal in the wrestling business, and if so, what is it?

Goal is to make pro-wrestling that full time gig.

Name someone, past or present, that you’d like to go heads-up with in a wrestling match (Singles, Tag, or both).

Bret Hart/Hardy Boyz

As a wrestling fan growing up, do you have any moments that remind you why you became a professional wrestlers?

Bret vs Shawn Iron Man Match.

You’re around a decade into your career… is there anything that you wish you did differently, or knew earlier?

Networking Skills.

I’m going to put some names, and I want the first thing that comes to your mind when you see them…

Jack “The Ripper” Manley: Right Hand Man.

FSW: Home promotion.

The Bonus Boyz: Future of Vegas Tag Wrestling.

“Killer” Kevin Kross: The Final Boss.

Paragon Pro Wrestling: Launching pad of our tag careers.

Hammerstone: Future of the BIZNIZ, and friend.

Do you have any upcoming events that you’d like everyone to know about?

FSW, WCWC, Freelance Wrestling, F1rst Wrestling!

Where can everyone find you on Social Media?

@FroWrestler on Twitter & @FroWrestler on Instagram!

Huge thanks to Remy for taking his time to answer the questions. Make sure you follow him on Social Media, and check out some of his matches if you haven’t already!

Near-Falls #4 w/Mark James

Near-Falls #3 w/Nick Bugatti

Near-Falls #2 w/Cut Throat Cody

Near-Falls #1 w/Nino Black