This week the #TOYSPOTTING Universe was bringing their A game! It was tough to narrow it down to my 10 favorites, but I think this list is pretty solid! Make sure to use the #TOYSPOTTING hashtag in your future toy posts on social media to be eligible for future TOP 10 lists!


Our boy JTG isn’t afraid to GET LOOSE with his POPs!


It’s been quite the week for Mr. Met, and THIS is why you don’t have mascots!


The FTC continues to improve upon each figure they release. Delirious looks just as insane as he does in real life.


Ricky and Morty has been taking over the timeline, and I have no problem with that.


The #TOYSPOTTING Universe came heavy with the Ringside Exclusive Finn’s this week, but Gundam Jaeger took his pictures to another level! Digging the Bullet Club custom shirt!


What is this… a crossover episode? I never thought I needed to see TMNT mixed with Deadpool, but here we are!


Takes me back to when I began watching Dragonball Z on Cartoon Network all those years ago!


The rarest WWE Teenymate there is, and The Fig Dude snapped this pic to show IT DOES EXIST!


Brienne of Tarth is in there somewhere!


The PoeticProphet didn’t waste any time getting his NECA Rocky figures LOOSE, and snapping some of the best #TOYSPOTTING pictures of all-time. Make sure you give him a follow, if you haven’t already!

That’s the TOP 10 for this week! Enjoy past weeks with the links below, and REMEMBER TO USE THE #TOYSPOTTING HASHTAG ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!


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