Had to take a little time off from the TOP 10 list due to health issues, but WE BACK! Thanks to everyone who keeps the #TOYSPOTTING community going with their posts, even when I’m out of commission. This was probably the hardest list to narrow down to just 10, but I had to do what I could… FOR THE PEOPLE!

Enjoy this #TOYSPOTTING TOP 10, and make sure to use the hashtag in the future to be eligible for the next one(s)!


The Joker mixed with Eddie Guerrero is an inspired crossover. Check-out High and Mighty on Twitter, as they’re all about such fun #TOYSPOTTING combos.


#TOYSPOTTING, baseball, and wrestling all in one picture? That about sums up all the coverage happening on JeffRefs.com!


This week’s TOP 10 is mixed with a little #TOYSPOTTING REPORT,  since Scopers hipped the U to these new NXT figures coming from Mattel! No Way Jose and Seth Rollins are going to be right under Bayley in the TOP SELLERS department.


Another bit of Report mixed in with this TOP 10, as the Gable/Jordan Elites coming in the next Wal-Mart “Then, Now, Forever” set are going to be GREATNESS!


ALL the Macho’s chilling!


I can’t lie, I’m a Jack Sparrow fan. I haven’t seen a PIRATES flick since, I think, the second one, but Johnny Depp embodies this character like no other. S.H. Figuarts nailed the likeness, and AFB putting out some more REPORT news for this TOP 10.


WWE hasn’t been skimping on the Finn Balor merchandise, but somehow this Ringside Elite has become my favorite release of his YET! Thanks to Dennis here, and everyone else who has been #TOYSPOTTING theirs!


Some pro-wrestlers don’t get as much shine in this #TOYSPOTTING game, as others, but you have to respect this NASTY BOYS display by WFManiac!


A lot to love about this display, collection, and picture. Good stuff by the FIG Dude.


We all know that PoeticProphet16 is a big Deadpool fan, but he added a little something special with these custom titles!

That’s this week’s #TOYSPOTTING TOP 10! Make sure to post all over social media with the #TOYSPOTTING hashtag, and bring your A-game, so you can make THE LIST! Check out the previous TOP 10’s below!


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