When it comes to #TOYSPOTTING Reporting I usually like to focus on wrestling figures first, and then sometimes I’ll mix in some other toy news to fill it up. Luckily we don’t need anything but wrasslin’ for this report!


I’ve been waiting for a blood red Scott Hall figure, so this set is automatically great. Zayn and Reigns may be a little played out in the release department lately, but Berzerker, Mankind, and AJ are show stealers. The Mankind figure is especially huge because it’s like the old Amazon Exclusive Mankind, which did NOT sell very long.

Elite 52

This series is STACKED. D-Lo and Ken Shamrock have been nowhere to be seen in this WWE collection, and now all of a sudden Jakks figure alumni is in the Mattel mix! This group is one Seth Rollins being switched for Big E from being the perfect Elite 52 set. Honestly, I can’t wait to see what the first NON-Wyatt Family Braun Strowman elite figure looks like when it finally drops in this set.

Upcoming WWE POP! Releases

Sheiky Baby and Million Dollar Man coming out of nowhere with some CHASE POP! releases. Then you got a tag team set that will ONLY be available at Walgreens for Enzo & Cass, and that’s going to be a hard duo to pass on. Chris Jericho having “THE LIST OF JERICHO” as his POP prop makes him one of my favorite WWE releases yet, but the one that looks like it actually stands out the most is Sasha Banks. Sasha was made for a POP! vinyl. Word on THE INTERNETS is that this series will hit around August 2017.

Bayley gets her very own TOYS R’ US EXCLUSIVE POP! coming in the near future, too! Between this, and her Elite, TRU has been all about the Bayley figures.

WWE Mattel Basic Series 75

It’s kind of crazy how many Finn Balor’s have been released the past year, or so. Lana seems a little rushed, since she still hasn’t really shined with her new singles push. Braun is always a good idea, and I feel like there haven’t been many Brock Lesnar figures lately. Orton and Jericho will be fine, but the next figure will show why this Y2J is useless…

Gamestop Exclusive Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho may be done with WWE, but he’s going out with a bang in the #TOYSPOTTING department! This, the POP, and the basic all coming out to make sure we all get some “LIST OF JERICHO” in our collections. Can’t wait to see what this one looks like MOC!

WWE keeps coming with the new toys. Make sure to post the one’s you end up getting on Social Media with the #TOYSPOTTING hashtag!


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