I’ve been to a decent amount of Future Stars of Wrestling Shows over the last eight years that they’ve been dominating the wrestling scene in Las Vegas, and tonight was easily the best top-to-bottom show they’ve ever put on. It took place in the Sam’s Town, which isn’t the first time, but seems like the perfect setting for their biggest show. More seats, lights, breathing room, and everything else that makes a wrestling show more enjoyable.

No time wasted, as the show kicked off with the FSW World Title Match, and kept on rolling through the main event. The show was everything Joe DeFalco, and the rest of the FSW crew imagined, as they packed the building with some of the most loyal wrestling fans in all of LAS VEGAS!

FSW World Title Match: HAMMERSTONE (C) vs Funny Bone

I was lucky enough to be in attendance when Hammerstone went full Seth Rollins on the FSW Champ (Ricker) and Challenger (Kevin Kross) in the Silverton a few shows ago. He turned their title match into a triple threat, and walked out as the FSW Champion. Tonight was the first time I’ve seen Hammerstone defend his title, and Funny Bone is no easy challenger. I was shocked that they began the show with the World Title Match, but I wasn’t surprised by the showed these two gave.

I was drawn in from the second Funny Bone’s entrance began with all of his minions leading the way. I was stoked to see the entrance ramp leading to the ring, which is one of my favorite wrestling staples, and all of the fellow fans rocking the Funny Bone masks for him coming to the ring. They had my hopes up a few times, as I thought Funny Bone may walk out as the FSW Champion, but HAMMERSTONE overcame the odds with his size and athleticism, to remain the TOP OF THE VEGAS WRASSLIN’ FOOD CHAIN!

Strong Style Squad w/Young Boy Jody vs Douglas JamesĀ  & Heather Monroe

This match is weird because I feel like I ended up sympathizing with Dougie James, and his blonde bad ass friend. Young Boy Jody was wiped out by Heather Monroe at the last show I seen them, but he can’t just go putting hands on her without any provocation, and expect sympathy. The second Jody smacked Heather, I was all in on team Doug & Heather, who overcame the Strong Style Squad in the end. Fun mixed tag match, but my favorite part was Douglas James chucking a streamer back into the crowd, and the guy a few rows in-front of me SNATCHING it out of the air.

It’s all in the reflexes!

Graves vs Guy Whose Name I Didn’t Hear

Hammerstone hit Graves with his finish before Graves could get to the ring, but the other dude couldn’t put the kibosh on Graves. Not my favorite match of the night, but when Graves gets going, the dude is legit in the ring. HAMMERSTONE and he will have an epic battle when they finally meet-up.

Nick Bockwinkle Memorial Battle Royal

The Mason-Dixon Line teamed up to win this as a pair, and I have no problem with that, as the THRILLBILLY is one of the best acts in Vegas. Dude reminds me of Curt Hennig during his AWA years, only I like him MORE!

Kenny King & Chris Strong vs The Mason-Dixon Line

There were more matches on this card than the usual FSW show, and this tag bout was a pleasant addition to the proceedings. We got a chance to see Kenny King, and his prized prodigy, but also more of my boy the THIRLLBILLY!

Cash in the Case Ladder Match (Greg Romero, Nick Bugatti w/ Maserati, Nino Black, Hyperstream, Owen Travers, Damien Drake)

I was stoked to see my boy Nino Black wrecking shop in this match, but somehow Owen Travers stole the show. He caught a couple nasty moves from Nino, Greg, and the rest of the gang, but every single time he took a move, he did it in a way that was insanely entertaining. The highlight of the match, and possibly entire event, was Nino and Romero’s 3-D on Travers, and the way he sold it!

I was stoked to see my boy Nick Bugatti, who was awesome enough to do a Near-Falls interview for the site!

Near-Falls interviews = victories! Honestly, this match was insane, had a dope run-in from Chris Strong, and easily stole the entire show!

Kevin Kross vs Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor looks like Mitch Hedberg in wrestling form, so he’s cool with me. This match may have been the most expendable on a nearly 4-hour show, but both these dudes deserved a showcase. A little strange for Kross to take a bunch of brass knucks shots, and then cut a promo, but it was short and sweet.

2 of 3 Falls FSW No Limits Title Match: Cut Throat Cody (C) w/Patrick vs Suede Thompson

I feel like these two dudes didn’t get to spread their wings as wide as they would have liked to, but they still had a hell of a bout. Rick Knox is the right guy for such a battle, especially since he seemed to be apart of Cody’s Bald Brotherhood. I knew it was going to be Suede’s night, but if Cody is going to drop the title, at least it was to the top babyface FSW has going!

Suederade on sale NOW!

FSW Tag Team Title Street Fight: Bonus Boys vs 86ers

Kevin Kross promised he wasn’t done, and he showed up in this match to clear out MY BOY Nino Black, and evened the odds for the 86ers to claim the FSW Tag Titles. Remy and Jack have come a long way since they stopped going by “The Whirlwind Gentlemen”, and it’s all for the better. There’s something crazy awesome about Jack Manley becoming the FSW’s version of The Undertaker, and I’m hoping they’ll have a battle with the Mason-Dixon Line in the near future. Top Guys vs Top Heels!

The Bonus Boys have been Tag Team Title staples in FSW since they decided to join forces, and it was fitting for them to pass the torch to the 86er’s! Can’t wait to see what FS-DUB has planned for July!

Top 3 Stars of the Show

Owen Travers: O.T. stole the show with his amazing work in the ladder match.

Silas Mason: The definition of a wrestling heel!

Nick Bugatti: I can’t wait to see what Bugatti has in-store for the champion, now that he’s the holder of the “CASH IN THE CASE”!

Best FSW show I’ve been to, and I’ve been to countless. Can’t wait to see what the next 8 years hold for this company!