Coming off a sweep of the World Series Champions, and an 18-inning road victory, the Yankees battled their way to a victory in Game 1 against the Reds. Game 2 was one bad inning from C.C. Sabathia-away from being another victory for the 2017 Bombers of Youth. After this mini-series with Cincinnati, the Yankees have a series record of 7-3-1. The Reds are just lucky they didn’t have to play 3 with Joe Girardi’s gang.

At 21-10, the Yankees are 0.5 behind the Orioles, who have played one more game than New York.

New York Yankees Top 3 Stars of the Series

  • * Masahiro Tanaka: Coming off a bullpen-depleting DOUBLE GAME with the Chicago Cubs, Masahiro Tanaka may have thrown the most important 7 innings of the Yankees’ season, so far. With Sabathia slipping on half of his starts, and Tanaka emerging, we see who the Yankees’ true staff leader is.
  • ** Brett Gardner: After recovering from his insane early season collision at first base, Gardner has been in GARDZILLA mode. He’s currently on a 10-game hitting streak after getting a hit (one a homer) in both games of this series, and also a walk in each.
  • *** Gary Sanchez: The Sanchismo reach base 10 straight times up-to his first inning home run in Game 2 of this series. He ended up following the rest of the game with an 0-4, but 4 hits, a walk, and 3 RBI for a guy still finding his groove off the DL.

Honorable Mention

Tyler Clippard: Cleaned up Chapman’s mess in Chicago, and then came with a clean sheet in the Yankees’ Game 1 victory against the Reds.

Didi Gregorious: 4 hits and 4 RBI in the two games. I just never tire of seeing Didi doing his job at short-stop, either. He was apart of 3 double-plays during Game 1.

Drew Storen: Now my least favorite NL pitcher… by far. You don’t hit 3 Yankees in 1 inning, and stay cool with me.

Short series, short recap. It’s a little later than usual because I had to recover from the New York Rangers failure.


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