The Bombers of Youth went into Chicago to sweep the defending World Series Champion Cubs in a wild series. The first game was “Left on Base City” or “The Tale of the Backwards K”, as the Yankees couldn’t get any runs until Brett Gardner’s GAME-WINNING 3-run blast in the 9th inning. Game 2 was pure domination by the Yankees, who ran the Cubs’ starter out of the game after only getting 1 out. It was hilarious, as Joe Buck was prattling on about “The key to the Cubs winning the game is getting a strong start”, and that was that.

Game 3 was basically two games since it went 18 innings. Aroldis Chapman blew his first save of 2017 with a 3-run lead in the 9th, but the Yankee bullpen pulled the win out for him (and Luis Severino who was great in his start).

The New York Yankees continue their First Place roll, but we’ll see how they handle the short Cincy series, now that the bullpen has been wrung dry.

New York Yankees 3 Stars of the Series

  • * Aaron Hicks: Led the team in hits the first two games of the series, and ended up being the winning run of the 18-inning battle that was Game 3. His defense was top notch, especially his sliding catch while patrolling Center in Game 2.  8 hits, 2 walks, 5 runs, and 3 RBI in Wrigley, while wearing “31”, and looking like “51” out there.
  • ** The Entire Bullpen: Chapman may have blown a Save, but the Adam Warren’s, Tyler Clippard’s, Chasen Shreve’s, and Jonathan Holder’s of the world will not go unsung from this series. Warren saved Betances in Game 2, a lot like Clippard came in to save Chapman during the 3rd Game in the series. Holder and Shreve pitched 4 scoreless innings this series (1 each in Game 1, and 3 each in Game 3), and those are why the Yankees were able to come back.
  • *** Luis Severino: He won’t get the win for his start in Game 3, but he shined opposite Jon Lester with his 7 innings and 9 strikeouts on ESPN’s longest Sunday Night Baseball game EVER. He went up against the defending champs, and only gave up 5 baserunners, and put himself in-line for victory.

Honorable Mention

Starlin Castro: Went into Game 3 leading the WORLD in batting average, but took an 0-8, whilst getting the winning RBI on a Fielder’s Choice. His 3 hits, 3 RBI, walk, 2 runs, and a home run in Game 2 made him shine in his return to Wrigley.

Jordan Montgomery: 6.2 innings for a rookie on the road against a highly touted team, all while having to step into the batter’s box every 9 AB’s. He looks more like Andy Pettitte every outing.

Brett Gardner: The longest tenured Yankee continues being the soul of this team, and his BOMB in Game 1 may be the highlight of May, when this month is all said and done.

Jacoby Ellsbury: Getting on ahead of Gardner in Game 1 was clutch, and so was his 2-run blast in Game 3, after being thrown out on 1st to start the game. Way to return from his injury.

Gary Sanchez: First pitch off the DL hits him, and he stayed getting on-base the rest of the series. Even came in on his day off to play during extra innings of Game 3.


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