The last series of the month happened to be the most exciting. It was a battle for first place, it featured double-digit hits by the Yankees in every game, and it all happened in-front of the Bronx faithful. It’s a bummer they couldn’t close-out the sweep, but taking the series, and having a convincing comeback, made it all as entertaining as a loss could possibly be.

There’s a lot of second-guessing that could go into the extra innings of Game 3 this series, as Bryan Mitchell took a break from pitching so he could man First Base for a half-inning, but there’s no reason the Yankees shouldn’t have been able to finish Baltimore with bases loaded in the home half of the 10th.  The Yankees might not be able to win them all, but it’s been a blast watching a team that is somehow in every game.

The Yankees are tied for 1st with the Orioles after the first month of 2017.

Yankees Top 3 Stars of the Series

  • * Aaron Judge: Number 99 reached base safely 11 times this series. He capped off his historic April with 3 home runs in these 3 games to tie the rookie record. Judge was stealing bases, running into walls, diving for balls in-front of him, and showing an overall spirit that star players rarely display. There’s nothing more important to the Yankees’ future than Aaron Judge’s continued success.
  • ** Didi Gregorious: Comes off the DL batting .467, and playing the defense we expect of him. His energy, and smile, seems contagious throughout the clubhouse. Once again, a player doing EVERYTHING he can with the playing time he’s had, so far.
  • *** Matt Holliday: Picked up his game BIG time since the Boston series. Has the highest walk rate in the MLB, hit a WALK-OFF HR in the comeback that was Game 1, and reached base 7 times against Baltimore. Might have had 2 game-winners if he didn’t have to come out for extra innings in Game 3.

Honorable Mention

Michael Pineda: Stays dealing since his near-perfect game a few starts ago. He only made it into the 6th due to pitch count, but Big Mike had 8 K’s to 1 walk.

Adam Warren: 2 2/3 innings on 36 pitches, and not shying away from contact. Adam Warren is the Yankees third most-important reliever (1. Chapman, 2. Betances).

Brett Gardner: Brought the hammer for Game 2 of this series, and seems to have broken out of his slump by getting the Yankees going with 2 home runs in 2 innings of Game 2.

Bryan Mitchell: With Pete Kozma being claimed by the Texas Rangers, Mitchell is now the Yankees’ weakest link. He gets a shout-out for making the play at First, and trying to come back to pitch the 11th in Game 3.

Chase Headley: Had his bat going again this series, so I can look past his turrible day at Third Base in Game 3. Well, I’ll try to, anyway.

Aroldis Chapman: 2 innings pitched with 4 strikeouts, and no runs. Two of those K’s came with Mitchell at first, so they were pretty clutch.

Jacoby Ellsbury: Hit his first GRAND SLAM, and it was his 100th home run. Only the second player in MLB history to do that (Bryce Harper being 1st).

Austin Romine: Carried the Yankees offense (with Gardner) through Game 2, and has been amazing behind the plate while filling-in for Gary Sanchez.


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