Thanks to rain they could only get two out of three games in, but the Yankees win their first road series with a mini-sweep in Boston. Yanks went heads-up with their new Ace, Chris Sale, and came away with smiles on their face. Any momentum Boston thought they had going off of Chapman from Game 1 was gone the second Tanaka took the mound in Game 2.

Yankees Top 3 Stars of the Series

  • * Masahiro Tanaka: Threw his first Complete Game since 2015, and his first Shutout since 2014. He chose to do it against the Red Sox biggest trade acquisition in a while, and in enemy territory. He’s a BEAST on extra days rest, and he threw this CG with less than 100 pitches.
  • ** Luis Severino: At this rate, Severino has been the Yankees most consistent starter of 2017. Quality starts, .78 WHIP, and a 3 ERA. He’s been what the Yankees NEED to win this division in the long run.
  • *** Aaron Judge: Judge has homered in his first at-bat in Boston. That means he’s hit a HR in his first AB at Yankee Stadium, and his first AB in Fenway Park. He’s also added a crazy diving catch into the crowd to his young highlight reel. What’s not to love?

Honorable Mention

Austin Romine: Continues calling the best games in baseball. Gary Sanchez may be DH’n a little extra if Romine is THIS good.

Jacoby Ellsbury: Went 25 straight games getting on-base until the finale of this series.

Ronald “The Big Toe” Torreyes: Had the most hits for the Yankees in Boston with 3 (2 against Sale). He’s also been a defensive ace.


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