I’ve been following Mark James’ career since I began following him on Twitter many years ago. The man lives up to the definition of “BRUTE” when he’s doing his thing in the ring, and he’s a cool dude outside of the squared-circle. Hopefully this interview gives you some insight into all of that…

What’s your first wrestling-related memory? 

Hogan vs the Iron Shiek in ’83.  That was the match that hooked me.  I was a HUGE Hogan fan. 

Who do YOU consider to be the “GREATEST WRESTLER OF ALL TIME”?

So many ways this could go.  Are we talking drawing power, technical ability, entertaining?  
Ill go with this.  I think Dusty Rhodes was the greatest wrestler of all time.  Here is why; <

  1. Lord could that man draw
  2. He can work heel or baby
  3. One of the greatest creative minds in the business
  4. Almost everyone who was anyone has a story of how Dusty made them and thank him for it
  5. His impact on the business will be felt forever

What’s one thing about wrestling, past or present, that you dislike?

Dirt sheets and fans that read them.  I get this is the age of information, but it kills the illusion.

Is there anyone from another walk of life that you take inspiration from in your wrestling career?

A ton of different actors.  Hard to name them all.  I always look for ways to create emotion.  

If you could have a match in one place that you’ve never wrestled before, where would it be?

I have always wanted to wrestle in Madison Square Garden(for obvious reasons) and Dorton Arena because it was such a huge venue of wrestling during my childhood. 

Is there anything that you haven’t done in a wrestling ring, but would like to do?

I’d love to be on national TV one day.  

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you during your wrestling career?

Jimmy telling a fan that he’s pissed him off so bad that we were gonna throw something at him.  Then later throwing Lance Lude at the fan.  

Who do you consider the toughest pro-wrestler that you know personally?

One of the hardest hitting matches I have ever had was against Vordell Walker in AML wrestling.  You would have thought we hated each other.

What moment of your career, so far, would you like EVERYONE to know about?

I believe I have done some pretty cool things in my career.  They should know about all of it.  Research friends.

Who is the most memorable professional wrestler you’ve ever worked with?

Buddy Landel, Terry Taylor, Harley Race, The Rock and Roll Express, R-Truth, Balls Mahoney, Mikey Whipwreck, many others.  Take your pick

What do you consider to be the most dangerous thing you’ve ever encountered during your professional wrestling career?

Promoters who book crap talent.  Like the guys who are obviously terrible, but they are friends or they help with the event.  Its ridiculous.

I’m going to give you some names, and I want the first thing that comes to your mind…

Jimmy Parker: My Brother. Amazing man with tremendous talent that should have been on TV years ago

New York Yankees: The Greatest Professional Baseball team of all time

Cam Newton: When he matures he can be a good QB.  Not sure he is the answer Carolina needs for the future

Court Montgomery: Good person, solid hand, but underdeveloped.  He needs to work with better talent to get better.

Pure Pro Wrestling: Jimi Love runs a solid organization that consistently draws in his communities.  Can’t ask for much more than that.

WWE: That absolute top of the line in the business.  I personally love the current direction of the company.  Seems to have a bright future ahead. 

The Bravados: One of the best unsigned tag teams in the world.  Most polite guys I have ever wrestled.  They have grown leaps and bounds since I first met them at the beginning of their career.   

Any upcoming events you’d like everyone to know about?

Warzone Wrestling this weekend Friday night at the Rock Shop in Fayetteville.  Saturday in Greensboro at Firestar Pro Wrestling

Where can everyone find you on Social Media?
twitter: @realmarkjames
Instagram: realmarkjames

Thanks to Mark for the interview! Make sure you follow him on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram!



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