This episode of VEEP highlights why I hate trailers, especially of things I am already planning to watch. There were some laugh-out-loud moments this episode, but I think there may have been more if they weren’t spoiled ahead of episodes of “CRASHING”. Everything from Selena getting on a regular airplane, to her explaining that she’ll wear skimpy outfits for attention, were ruined ahead of time.

The season picks up with some storyline advancements. My favorite character is probably Jonah, who has been bringing the laughs since his first time appearing on the show. His new baldness scandal is the perfect way to get this season started. Timothy Simons continues to be THE STANDOUT of “VEEP”. Clea DuVall (“Marjorie”) picks up where she left off last season as the best “straight-man” for Julia Louis-Dreyfus to bounce her awkwardness off of. Now Marjorie is in-charge of all the money Selena’s mother left in her will, so you know this is going to get weird.

The rogues gallery of Tony Hale (“Gary”), Kevin Dunn (“Ben”), Gary Cole (“Kent”), and Anna Chlumsky (“Amy”) hold the fort down, so the show can explore Dan Egan’s new job on the CBS Morning Show, which played a big role in the first episode. Paul Scheer showing up was the biggest surprise of the premiere, and I hope there’s a lot more of him this year.  His role as the Morning Show’s producer seems like it could be the perfect kind of passive-aggressive.

This episode is standard “VEEP” fare. Some laughs, Selena is running for President, and her family is still the least entertaining part of the cast (unless you count daughter in-law). I’m not really looking forward to next week, as much as I am just waiting for Silicon Valley to return, but… who isn’t?

Verdict: WATCH