The Yankees escaped a sweep in Baltimore, and all of a sudden they’re on a 7-game winning streak. Tonight New York completed their second straight sweep at home, and St. Louis is ready to play teams without DH’s again. The Bullpen came into the season ready to roll, but it took a couple starts for the rotation to find their early season stride. Greg Bird waking up in the final game of this series with St. Louis is just the icing on top, as he was all over the ball for the first time since Spring Training.

Yankees Top 3 Stars of the Series

  • * Chase Headley: Dude was on-base 9 times this series. He’s batting .410 on the year (.531 OBP), and his defense has been everything you’d expect from a veteran third baseman. I can really only think of one bad throw he’s made, so far this year, and that wasn’t at Yankee Stadium.  He’s been dominating teams who try to shift to beat him, AND he’s been great playing out of position in the Yankees’ defensive shifts. If anyone seems to be enjoying the absence of Alex Rodriguez, it’s Chase “MONEY” Headley.
  • ** C.C. Sabathia: The best start for a Yankee this year, as he went an out into the 8th. He kept it under 100 pitches (97), had more Strikeouts than Baserunners (6/4), and is basically the team as the captain, especially to the pitching staff. Carston Charles is 2 and 0 with a 1.47 ERA, and I hope he can somehow maintain this start.
  • *** Michael Pineda: Does throwing more Changeups really make Michael Pineda the Starting Pitcher he was always meant to be? So far, so good. The bright lights were on tonight, and Pineda looked almost as effortless as he looked throwing a near-perfect game against the Rays last series. He’s still hardly walking anyone, which is a sign that he’s always had the control, and now he’s just making better decisions on the mound.

Honorable Mention

Adam Warren: Still undefeated out of the Bullpen on the year.

Yadier Molina: Was out-played by Romine and Higashioka in his first trip to Yankees Stadium. He was so bad behind the plate that it was laughable at points.

Aaron Judge: One bad call away from his 4th HR of the year, and has been downright impressive at the plate.

Ronald Torreyes: The Big Toe has 10 RBI already. I love seeing this dude excel while we await Didi’s return.

Aaron Hicks: Can Home runs be clutch this early in the year? It’s all going right for the Yankees Outfield right now.

Jacoby Ellsbury: Off to his best start as a Yankee. I hope we keep seeing him use his speed, even if he’s in the 4/5 spots.