This week we get a better look at some series/figures we’ve been hearing about for a little while. The Ringside Exclusive Hollywood Hogan, Gamestop’s Samoa Joe, WWE BattlePack Series 46, and all the other POPs that will be in the AJ Styles series!

Storm Collectibles Hulk Hogan (only on Ringside)

This thing is supposed to be to scale with all WWE Matte Elites, but it’s a bit deceiving. The harder you look, you’ll notice it’s missing the ‘n.W.o” logo. It’s nowhere to be seen because this isn’t WWE-licensed, and they own the NEW WORLD ORDER trademark. Aside from that, it may be the best looking wrestling figure I’ve ever seen. Looking forward to seeing some #TOYSPOTTING pictures from the U when this comes out!

WWE Pint Size Heroes


This is probably my highlight of the Report. Stackdown is dead, and the Mystery Mini’s are a little too big, so it’ll be fun to see what these look like when I’m taking #TOYSPOTTING pictures with the rest of my collection! Enzo, Sasha, Macho Man, New Day, Finn, and more to look forward to.

NEW WWE Funko POP Vinyls

WWE #22 is still in question, as more POPS get shown. We’ve seen some of these already, but The Micker and Goldberg are new. AJ Styles and Demon Finn are the highlights here.

WWE Mattle BattlePacks 46

A new Maryse, New Day rocking some bright colors, and of course Shane McMahon’s toy Jordan’s. We’ve already seen some of these in previous reports, but it’s nice to get a look at the official images thanks to Ringside.

WWE SummerSlam Elite Series

Another Demon Finn Elite, but this time with the Universal Championship, which he was the first holder of. I feel like I am more impressed by each new Demon Balor they release, but I’m not sure if this one tops Texas Chainsaw Finn from the Toys R’ Us series.

Another cool figure with a great World Title accessory. With this release, and the Cactus Jack Elite, we’re going to need a Dude Love in the near future.  If I end up picking this up I’ll finally have a Mr. Socko in the #Toyspotting collection!

GameStop Exclusive Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe doesn’t have as many attire switches as some Finn, but it’s cool to see he’s already getting another Elite. No shirt this time around, but he does come with the NXT Title. I’m a mark for Championships with my Elites, so I’m a big fan of this Joe.

Amazon Exclusive Andre the Giant

Andre the Giant is who I call the “Babe Ruth of Wrestling”, so it’s always good to see him getting some love from the WWE Legends lines. This figure looks prime for choking the new Mean Gene Okerlund figure that’s coming in the near future!
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