What a difference sleeping in your own bed makes. The New York Yankees went from a team who couldn’t get a Quality Start to staff with a bunch of popping youthful arms in a matter of hours. Everything that seemed to be going wrong in Baltimore dissipated for the first series at (STILL NEW) Yankee Stadium.

I want to give a shout-out to Austin Romine for his work in this series. He isn’t one of the Top 3 Stars, but his work behind the plate in-place of Gary Sanchez has been masterful. Much in the way that Torreyes has filled in for Didi, Romine has stepped up in a big way early this season (same for Kyle Higashioka to a lesser extent).

New York Yankees Top 3 Stars of the Series

  • * Michael Pineda: The first Yankee pitcher with 11 strikeouts this series. His performance for the first 6 innings of Opening Day at Yankee Stadium was as thrilling as anything you’ll see in April. Cone calling the game said it could be a turning point in his career, much like David Wells’ PERFECT GAME, but let’s just enjoy this one for what it was.
  • ** Luis Severino: The youngest Yankee pitcher to have 11 Strikeouts in a game since Al Leiter in 1984. There’s been questions about whether Severino should be starting or relieving, but those will be a thing of the past after a couple more outings like this one. The homer he gave up put Game 3 in doubt, but luckily his team picked him back up. 23 years old, and the future is bright for Severino!
  • *** Aaron “MY NAME IS” Judge: Besides getting caught sleeping off of First Base in the 8th of Game 3, Judge had this offense rolling. Had a 3 game streak for Home runs, and is one behind “THE BIG TOE” for the team lead in RBI. Aaron Judge is even the first Yankee to be Intentionally Walked without a pitch. History!

Honorable Mention

Chris Carter: Another injury fill-in who did more than could be expected on the defensive end. Carter also had the 5th Triple of his career in this series.

Aroldis Chapman: Hitting 103-MPH on the radar, and saving a couple of the games in this little sweep.

Jordan Montgomery: Made the 3rd most impressive start by a Yankee this series (4.2 IP, 2 ER, 7 SO), but impressive nonetheless. Can’t wait to see this young lefty develop.

Chase Headley: Still leading the team in Batting Average, holding down the “Hot Corner”, and having the opposite start in-comparison with last year.

The Yankees are above .500 all of a sudden, when it seemed like they were in the grasps of a sweep in Baltimore just 5 days ago. Undefeated at home… for now!