The Yankees took a trip to Baltimore, and everything seemed backwards. The first two games of the series the Yankees blew leads, and Game 3 they rallied from down 3 Runs with 7 straight Runs of their own. Sanchez going down in the second game of the series is the most important happening of all. He’s on the 10-Day Disabled List with right arm strain, and it looks like he’ll be out for more than the 10 days.

Like most years, Spring Training means absolutely nothing in the statistics department, as guys like Greg Bird have yet to factor into these games in positive ways. Defensive lapses are bound to happen when these guys are so young,  but it’s a bummer when they become key to the outcomes of games.

On the B-More side of things I’d have to give a nod to Manny Machado, who is another AL East Third Basemen who rakes against the Yanks.

Yankees 3 Stars of the Series

* Ronald “The Big Toe” Torreyes: When all hope seemed lost, and I was just watching out of habit, The Big Toe struck with a TRIPLE in the 6th of Game 3. I had lost a little hope when he couldn’t bring in any runs with bases loaded earlier in the game, but then he went back to making Didi proud. He doesn’t have the same arm as Gregorious (who does?), but he’s able to make plays with his legs/glove all over the place. He’s leading the Yankees with 7 RBI’s, including his 2 in Game 2 of this series.

** C.C. Sabathia: The “Hefty Lefty” has been the stage that holds up the rest of the Yankees pitching staff through 6 games. The dude inspires with his perseverance. If Sabathia gives up runs, he doesn’t give up the game, and that’s what you need. This isn’t a video game, and opponents will score, so leaders on the mound who can keep their head in the game while trailing are valuable.

*** Matt Holiday: Already has his first Home run as a Yankee, and he’s done something that hasn’t been done by a Yankee since 2009 (a World Series winning season), which was drawing 5 Walks in a game! Veterans being solid early-on might give the younger guys a chance to get going, and I’m impressed with everything I’ve seen in Holiday’s early Yankee career.

Honorable Mention

Jacoby Ellsbury: Another veteran showing how to start a season. Leading the team in Batting Average (.368), coming off the bench to score a late run, and maintaining his abilities to patrol Center.

Gary Sanchez: Injured in Game 2, but hit his first BOMB of the season in Game 1.

Aaron Judge: Another guy who hit his first Homer this series. He already seems to have a better grasp of the strike zone this year, then he did to end last season. Judge may be the funnest Right Fielder I’ve ever seen due to how gigantic he is. Nothing like a Defensive Lineman covering a lot of ground in the outfield.

Adam Warren: Apparently rated a 55 overall in MLB 17’s “Diamond Dynasty” mode, or whatever it’s called. As a Yankee he just seems to step his game WAY up, as he hasn’t given up a run (0 ERA), a hit, or a walk in his 6 innings pitched in 3 games.