The #TOYSPOTTING Top 10 is comprised of all my favorite pictures using the #TOYSPOTTING hashtag on social media throughout a week (which I also seem to determine the length of… most weeks). The qualifications are posting as many #Toyspotting pictures as possible. They can be you out looking for figures, using your toys in cool ways, pictures of your collection, and whatever else the #TOYSPOTTING UNIVERSE can imagine! Enjoy this week’s Top 10, and good luck making one in the future!


As someone who went as Danny DeVito’s Penguin for Halloween two years in a row in grade school, I kind of have a soft spot for the figure that stars in this one.


Speaking of highly detailed Batman Villains I went as for Halloween as a kid…


Wrestling figures recreating wrestling history is pretty much where the #TOYSPOTTING gimmick comes from, and this captures all of that.


Is there a better setting for a WrestleMania party?


Sam MOTHER F’N Jackson with a lightsaber in the Las Vegas desert!


New… Day hosts!


My favorite version of my favorite X-Men member taking some fire.


Reminds me of my #MachoChilling picture from WrestleMania 32 being from seat view, but also of #MachoChilling at WrestleMania 31 Hall of Fame because of the light shining in your eyes. Taker chilling at Mania 33!


There’s been no shortage of #ThankYouTaker posts from the #Toyspotting Universe, but this one is my favorite of them all.


The toy, the environment, and the feel of this picture were unmatched this week! Congratulations to PeppermintVinyl for this week’s NUMBER 1 picture!

Remember to use the #TOYSPOTTING hashtag, and we’ll see you next week!