A lot of wrestling figures to look through in this #TOYSPOTTING Report. Of course there’s a John Cena, or two, but there’s also some surprises! Give them a look, and let me know what you think using the #TOYSPOTTING hashtag on Social Media!

WWE Basic Series 74

This set is basically Kane, Bayley, and a bunch of hard passes. I just wish this Kane attire was being re-released in Elite form, but I can understand why they’re holding off on that.

Defining Moments Macho Man Randy Savage (WM 3)

Now everyone can stop turning their Macho Man from the CM Punk BattlePack into a custom Elite!

WWE Elite Series 50

The Warlord figure is mostly only cool because it reminds me of his Hasbro figure that I had as a kid. I’m sure everyone needs another John Cena, but Baron Corbin is the true start of this set. Rhyno just looks outrageous to me for some reason. Mania 32 Steph is there for anyone who wants to recreate THAT main event.

The winner of Elite 50 is Shane O’Mac.

Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Finn Balor

It’s been a long wait for a Finn Balor Elite that’s not in Demon form, even though every one of those has been awesome. Ringside Collectibles keeping it 2-Sweet with Hall, Nash, Wolfpac Sting, and now BALOR CLUB.

WWE Funko POP Vinyl AJ Styles

I’m not sure this POP! truly captures AJ Styles’ haircut from Adam Sandler in the film “Little Nicky”.

The Club BattlePack MOC

Both headscans are perfect. I just hope the Elites are the same, or as good! Sometimes I fear Mattel puts the better scans on the Basics, so we have to buy more figures for head swapping.

Bojack Horseman Funko POP! Vinyl Series

Did a #TOYSPOTTING list on the Youtube about how I’d love to see Bojack (and LOST, which is also happening) in POP! Vinyl form, and Funko has made it so! Now for them to do a set of Mystery Mini figures, so we can get ALL the characters we need (I.E.: Vincent Adultman)!