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The Yankees are back, and everyone is going to keep calling them “The Baby Bombers”, except ME! That is the LAST time you’ll see that on JeffRefs for the rest of this season. All these 24 year old dudes (Judge, Bird, Torreyes, etc) are grown men now, and there’s no time to be babying anyone.

After the first three games of the season the Yankees are under .500 (1-2), but who cares? BASEBALL SEASON IS BACK! It’s too early in the season to start talking about how much I dislike the Tampa Bay Rays’ abilities against the Yankee starters every season. Longoria? Shave your beard. Shout-out to David Cone and Paul O’Neill for being there to call the game on Opening Day. They’ve been missed.

The Yankees 3 Stars of the 1st Series

  • * The Bullpen: They pitched 14 and 2/3 Innings of SHUT-OUT baseball over three games. I’ve been an Adam Warren mark ever since his first run with the Yankees, and I can’t really say I was opposed to getting Clippard back, either. Shreve, Holder, and Layne are all apart of the glue holding it together. This team is built Bullpen-up, so this is a good sign of things to come.
  • ** Chase Headley: Hitting .636, 2 RBI’s, one BANGER to Dead-Center, stole a base, going against the shift, and he brought the glove to The Hot Corner. He’s fighting for a job with all the youthful infielders coming up in the Yankees system. Depending on standings, and his ability to consistently have series like this, Chase could be trade bait later this year.
  • *** C.C. Sabathia: 5 baserunners in 5 innings of shut-out baseball. It’s weird how much faith I had in C-Double to take care of business for us in Game 2. He threw 65% Strikes, and acted like Spring Training doesn’t matter… which it doesn’t.

Honorable Mention

Ronald Torreyes: He already has as many homers as he did all of last year (1). It was also the first Yankee Home run of the year, so cheers to him. He’s also leading the team in RBI with 3 after the first series. Picking up for Didi while he’s injured.

Jacoby Ellsbury: Batting over .455 with a Home run as Joe Girardi tries him out in the 5-Hole. I’m still not 100% sure he isn’t a Boston Red Sox spy since he came over to the PINSTRIPED SIDE, but this is a good start in making me a believer in his Yankee Pride.

Clint Frazier: Whether or not he was crazy enough to ask for Mickey Mantle’s number is irrelevant. What matters is that he just MADE THE LIST (and is being talked about all over sports media).