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The Raw After Mania was packed with all the things we’ve been waiting for. Kurt Angle is the GM/Commissioner/ETC, The Revival have hit the main roster, and Finn Balor is back in the Monday Night Raw Main Event.

Onto the STARS of the SHOW!

The 3 Stars of Raw

  • * Roman Reigns: Love him or hate him, the dude spent more than 10 minutes just basking in the heat that he creates. Seems like the type of dude who actually enjoys it, unlike some of the fakers like Cena/Angle, who just put-up with the “SUCKS” being yelled at them.
  • ** Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins & Finn Balor: Chris Jericho was wiped out of the Main Event for the return of Finn Balor, which was pretty great in itself, but so was the match that all four former NXT Champions put on. Match of the Night, without any question.
  • *** The Revival: A solid debut. The only complaint I have is that they still have the thing about fisting right across the back of their trunks. Perhaps it’s time to “GO HARD” away from that look. The best part was what they did to Kofi Kingston post-match!

Honorable Mention

Enzo Amore: For making the Orlando Magic Pinstripes relevant, which the Magic haven’t done since Shaq left.

Kurt Angle: I’m still not 100% sure he’s not a robot of Kurt Angle, but even if he is, we’ll take it.

Teddy Long: His GM who can’t get a job character is over with THIS guy.

Sheamus: For being able to flip Enzo around his body like a baby to complete Enzo’s DDT for him.

The Crowd: I’m a fan of ANY crowd that gets loose all show long, and these marks in Orlando carried their share of the load.

Vince McMahon: Swallowed the “ROMAN SUCKS” chants, and you know what he did after digesting them…

Emma: She’s no longer doing an Eva Marie running joke, and she KILLED it as a sneaky heel. Her ponytail pull on Bayley in the Tree of Woe looked harsh! Also, shout-out to the Big Bossman glasses!