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I’ve been wanting to binge watch Lucha Underground since the day it came to Netflix, but I’m trying to make sure I keep up with every episode I watch HERE on JeffRefs. There’s a lot to love, and very little not to. After the first few episodes I’d say the commentary was the biggest weakness, but even Striker/Vampiro seem to improve as the series continues rolling.

It’s hard to pick one favorite after the first six episodes, but I’d have to say it’s between Fenix, and Mil Muertes. Both for entirely different reasons, as Mil is more about the aesthetics, while Fenix is an athletic freak of nature. There’s no one I don’t want to see in action, which is ALWAYS a good sign.

Episode 4

  • * Drago: Defeated King Cuerno in his debut, who was making his debut. The shock factor alone makes him the FIRST star of episode 4.
  • ** Sexy Star: Gets the W on Ivelisse, and makes her most impressive showing of the series, so far. There is no “Women’s Division” in Lucha Underground, since everyone is in the same mix, but their female roster has been impressive early on.
  • *** Fenix – It’s really crazy how much he fits into such a short amount of time. I know some people say guys need to slow down, but I love the pace that goes with Fenix’s high-octane style. He lost points because he didn’t really have Pentagon’s shoulders down for the pinfall.

Honorable Mention

Pentagon Jr. – That Piledriver is nasty. He also has my favorite mask in the LU.

King Cuerno – Something about the hunter gimmick is interesting, even if the commentary just over promotes it like they’re Michael Cole. Shocked that he lost his debut. His attire is a little too deer/elk-centric, and makes him seem like the prey more than predator. Losing added to that feeling.

Episode 5

  • * Prince Puma: This man wastes no movements, and even when he doesn’t land perfectly, he still makes it work with wherever he’s going next. Entering the ring, taking a bump, or flying out onto three opponents, Puma is the star of every segment he’s in. I like that he’s been losing in big matches, and in big ways, as they build compassion from the fans.
  • ** Big Ryck: Ryck was surprisingly impressive. He must have been paying close attention to Mil Muertes’ matches because he’s working like a true monster. Ryck’s smile is perfect for a heel. Right before he blows his momentum he gives off that sly smile. Perhaps he’s like Triple H, and needs weapons for a good match, but he was honestly working the crowd even before the match became a true street fight. He even made Johnny Mundo’s takedown look somewhat believable.
  • **Mil Muertes: Speared Drago flying off the top. Lucha Hoss strikes again. Style goes a long way in wrestling, and it’s carried my man Mil this far. A guy who can get over with me by doing so little, especially in a mask, oozes charisma.

    Honorable Mention

    Sisqo & Cortez – Perfect wrestling henchmen. They bleed, they fly, and they look enough alike that neither stands out.

    Sexy Star – The soccer kick to the Elvis look-alick ref’s crotch was the spot of the night. You don’t see too many babyfaces crotching anyone, especially a referee, but Chavo’s sexual assault brings about the fury.

    Mascarita Sagrada – He’s not afraid to exact vengeance on a lady, which is just another way LU is different than WWE (and most action-based series on Netflix with female villains). His suicide dive lived up to the namesake. He looked like he would fly, and just sank to the ground a bit prematurely.

    Fenix – Hit a sweet springboard Van-Daminator, but Pentagon Jr. gave it away a bit by holding the chair inverted the entire time.

    Johnny Mundo – His running knee is THE BUSINESS

Episode 6

  • * King Cuerno – You can’t deny that he has his own in-ring style, which goes a long way. With most the LU roster being so quick, it’s nice to have the methodical types thrown in. Unlike Mil Muertes, who uses brute strength, Cuerno is a much more technical aggressor.
  • ** Pimpinela Escarlata – That Pimpinela POP can’t be denied. His match lost steam in the second half, but a crazy debut to a wild reaction. I’m not sure if he’s the best salesman on the card, or if he was legit injured, but hopefully the former.
  • *** Mil Muertes – Stays squashing.

Honorable Mention

Drago – Lucha Underground’s answer for the Game of Thrones demographic. Anyone who can wrestle with that crazy tongue in their mouth, and still do some insane stuff, deserves a nod.