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It’s a little mind-blowing how quickly last week’s Smackdown flew by, and how tortuously this episode plodded along. They threw in a little of what worked last week, like “Total Bellas Bullsh*t”, but they didn’t bring enough freshness to the table. Tyler Breeze even made his Breezy Bella appearance, but it just felt flat going for the same joke twice.  I seen a lot of people popping on Twitter for Cena’s bit, but anything that ends with “if you’re feeling froggy… jump” is just not for me.

WrestleMania 33 is THIS weekend, and Smackdown didn’t even show Dean Ambrose or Baron Corbin the whole episode. Outside of that, they fit the whole roster on the show. Surprised they didn’t throw Dean-o and Corbin into the giant tag match, but we’ll be seeing them and a forklift on Sunday.

Top 3 Stars of the Show

  • * Naomi: The biggest surprise of EITHER go-home show this week. They stripped her title because she couldn’t do Mania, and her she is showing up for WrestleMania. It’s a wrestling miracle, boys and girls!
  • ** Luke Harper: His man-bun and black tanktop had him looking smooth this week. I seen the timeline blowing up with conspiracy theories of him re-joining Bray this Sunday, and that wouldn’t surprise me at all. Perhaps throw a little BO DALLAS into the cliq, and we have a stew going, baby!
  • *** Rhyno: Still showing these whippersnappers (ECW REFERENCE) how it’s done! I mean, he doesn’t do a spear, but a GORE, and boy does he do them! I’d be okay if he somehow found a way to just GORE someone threw a table EVERY week. Bad segment? HIT THE RHYNO BUTTON!

Honorable Mention

Alexa Bliss: She was the star of a match she wasn’t even in, when she was on commentary. She went on to be the best part of a crazy Teddy Long-inspired tag match in the following segment. I doubt she retains at WrestleMania, but she’s still going to be a highlight of Smackdown.