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It wasn’t easy to pick the TOP 3 stars this week. It’s the WrestleMania 33 go-home show, but nothing really stood out to me. Roman and Undertaker had a decent segment. The main event was fine, but had the most WWE ending ever (aka: a roll-up). The opening wasn’t much to talk about, but led to another fine match. Felt like a house show, but with a stacked roster.

The WrestleMania 33 card is probably going to be more entertaining than WrestleMania 32, but the build-up, especially on Raw, has been dullski. Let’s take “PLAYING IT SAFE” for 1000, Vince! The final segment was the biggest bummer. Goldberg spears Lesnar, who essentially dies from it, and all the possible fun in the final promo was gone. I know the tame Philly crowd wasn’t chanting “boring”, but Goldberg has become less entertaining with each 30-second appearance.

Top 3 Stars

* The Ladder: Somehow a ladder was the star of the show. It speared Enzo Amore off the top rope to the outside, which was the highlight of Raw, and it made an impression on all the Tag Team segments. I’m expecting it to force a 3-Way Ladder Match for the Tag Titles at Mania, so it may even become a star in the storyline.

** Paul E. Dangerously: Going full YIDDISH to serve Goldberg his last rites (or whatever the Jewish equivalent to that would be). I love me some Paul Heyman, and he’s been my favorite part of the entire Raw Road to WrestleMania. I wish he had more to do, but I guess that would kill that part-timer buzz that he has around his promos.

*** Y2J/The List of Jericho: Having his music play, only to come from the crowd, was as bland as Sami Zayn’s roll-up, but Jericho saved it. It doesn’t matter what WWE sends him out to do because Jericho can turn any segment into good TV, unless it’s a match with Fandango at WrestleMania. Once he brought the list back out, and started adding names, you knew everything would be all right in the world.

Honorable Mention

Samoa Joe: He may be borrowing Triple H’s clothing, but he makes it look good.

The Undertaker: The Emo Cowboy can still teleport, but he’s mostly ALL GONG these days.

Jack Gallagher: Possibly lost a testicle doing a hacky spot, so he gets a mention (YAY UMBRELLAS)

The Club: They’re the ones who killed Enzo with the ladder, so I guess we’ll GO-HOME with them!

Austin Aries: Won a match, and danced with NEW DAY. How bad of a night could it be?