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This episode of Smackdown may have been the best use of 2 straight hours that the WWE has produced thus far this year. Every promo was entertaining in some way, but they also all provided crazy variety. You had serious AJ Styles, creepy Bray Wyatt, obnoxious Maryse & Miz, and even crazy cat lady Nattie in the booth added a little something. That’s not even counting all the great action they fit into the episode.

Top 3 Stars of the Show

  • * The Usos: I never thought they would top a 3 Stars list in 2017, so this is some “ISH” as their new shirts read. These dudes had the crowd on-fire! I know a lot of people were sick of the dancing entrance Usos, but if my Twitter feed tonight was ANY indication, people are buying in to this third Tag Title run for them!
  • ** Tyler Breeze: Not only did he dress up like Nikki Bella, but he did it on the same night that Maryse had already done it, and somehow topped her. This reminded me of the kind of comedy that Santino Marella, and even Damien Mizdow to an extent, brought to the WWE Universe weekly. More Fandango/Tyler Breeze PLEASE, WWE!
  • *** Miz & Maryse: A tie between these two because they BOTH killed it in the SPOOF department. They’ve been blurring the line between wrestling and reality since the brand-split took place, and no heels in the WWE are even close to their level of scathing opponents on the mic right now.

Honorable Mention

American Alpha: They had their most entertaining match since being called-up tonight. The crowd was on-fire, and Gable came out looking like a beast who couldn’t be pinned, while Jordan fell to a low-blow/Superkick. We’ll see where these boys go from here. Jordan’s Angle Slam was awesome, even if Tom Phillips just called it a “slam”.

Baron Corbin: Had a sweet back-and-forth match with Randy Orton. These two dudes may have the chemistry that makes for a great rivalry. Hopefully Orton/Corbin have an I.C. Title feud following Mania.

Shane McMahon: Flying off the top to the outside, and through a table, is always worth a mention on! Those punches, though…

Fandango: Was on a roll giving Cena tickets before their match tonight.

Bray Wyatt: Summoned a bunch of Erick Rowans to do his bidding. I can’t get enough of creative backstage segments, no matter how crazy they may get. Hoping to see more of the Bray Wyatt World Champion in the coming months!