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Raw’s side of the “ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA” is total WTF City in the logic department. WWE commentary is always saying that wrestlers are at a disadvantage being in matches with more than one opponent (I.E.: Triple Threat, 4-Way, etc), and yet not ONE wrestler with an opportunity to even the odds a bit bothered to even try. For instance, Nia Jax vs Bayley was “NO D.Q.”, so why wouldn’t Charlotte (MAYBE even Sasha) attempt to stop Nia Jax from being added to the match in some way?

Next we have Enzo & Cass teaming up with The Club to possibly take SheaCesaro out of the WrestleMania Tag Titles match, but instead they just erase all suspense, and wrap-up with E&C and The Club turning on each other instantly. I mean, at least have some of the match before you go with the obvious choice. Ring of Honor tapings had a similar match, and it was fun how long the match lasted, while everyone kept trying to screw one another over on BOTH sides.


TOP 3 Stars

  • * Samoa Joe: Had a astounding opening match with Sami Zayn, and then added a little bit of flavor to the Y2J/KO proceedings. Samoa Joe has been as consistently entertaining as ANYONE on Raw since his call-up. He also went FULL evil with the eyes rolling into the back of his head while he put Sami Zayn to sleep in their match.
  • ** Chris Jericho: On a night with plenty of promos/video packages/interviews, Chris Jericho is the only person who was worth listening to. He went all-in on Kevin Owens being a “MARK OF JERICHO”, and it somehow made this already enjoyable feud more of an epic. Now Kevin Owens is facing his idol, and not his best friend, and he’s also being called just another wrestling fan. He’s got a lot to prove against the guy who CAN beat A.J. Styles at Mania, but CAN’T beat Fandango.
  • *** Sami Zayn: It takes two to tango, or something like that, and that opening match couldn’t have been as top notch without Sami in the mix. Sami Zayn has been getting stupid “CM Punk” reactions at the start of some of his most recent Raw promos, but he always shuts the crowd up before he goes back behind the curtains. The dude isn’t phased by haters when it comes to his performances. He even nailed his Diving Tornado DDT on Joe tonight.

Honorable Mentions

Tony Nese: Gets a shout-out just for rocking #TOYSPOTTING colors!

Braun Strowman: The dude with the most painful looking rest-holds in wrestling. He was in a segment with Roman and Taker, and was STILL my favorite part.

Stephanie McMahon: Fired Foley, so there’s that!

THE Brian Kendrick: The match with T.J. Perkins was rushed out the door, but I liked the idea that he stole TOZAWA’s passport for a storyline.

Roman Reigns: He made the Emo Cowboy cry like a sucker to end Raw. That has to count for something.