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It didn’t take long for Lucha Underground to establish a firm bed of opposition to the kind of wrestling shows that WWE puts on. If anything, my least favorite parts were guys they brought in from the WWE (I.E.: Matt Striker, Zeke “Big Rick” Jackson, and Johnny Mundo),  and even they all shined in varying degrees. I’ve been waiting a long time for my first taste of Lucha Underground action, and I’m VERY excited to continue the journey on Netflix.

Episode 1

* Prince Puma – Dude shined in the first televised match of his that I’ve ever seen. I like the backstory, and the video package to introduce Prince Puma was masterful. I especially dug how they explained decapitations were why masks meant so much, and that was why Konnan had him donning one here. He was flying around as smooth as any masked wrestler I’ve ever seen.

** Dario Cueto – Perfect bad guy promoter. The slick look, the shady money maneuvers, and then you have Vampiro explaining that he’s Spanish, and not a Mexican national. I can’t wait to see more of the Lucha Underground take on “The Authority Figure”. He specifically disparaged Chavo for tapping out, which is something any wrestler should be ashamed of.

*** Son of Havoc – The evil son of “Charlie Brown From Outta Town”? I love what I’m seeing here. He’s such a heel that his mask is super plain, unlike all the decorated masks the other luchadores sport.

Honorable Mention

Blue Demon Jr.: Won the first match in LU history.

Sexy Star: Came out to face a man in the second match, which established a precedent unlike anything WWE has ever gone with.

Vampiro: Sure, he says ‘brother’ more than every other wrestler EVER combined, but he’s somehow still able to add a lot to the in-ring storytelling.

Episode 2

* Mil Muertes – Has a cool look, a beautiful valet, an interesting little gimmick backstory, and is just an overall LUCHA HOSS. Sweet debut. I’ve heard good things, and I’m already a fan of what I’ve seen.

** Ivelisse – From the second she started stomping mud-holes into Chavo, I knew she was going on this list. I’ve seen her in other promotions, but never beating up a dude. Can’t wait to see more Ivelisse in the Temple!

*** Chavo Guerrero Jr. – A decent showing in the Mixed Tag Match, but him dishing out chair shots was a fantastic finale to Episode Dos. I felt the chair shot to Blue Demon Jr. coming from a mile away, but Sexy Star taking a shot really made the moment feel violent.

Honorable Mention

Cortez & Cisco – These dudes came off like chumps to end episode 1, but they’re chemistry as a tag team was surprisingly impressive.

Episode 3

* Fenix – He looked like a rooster, but he was blowing my mind with every move he pulled off. I knew he was the TOP STAR of the show before he even jumped off the second floor, or won the main event. Great showing to prove you don’t judge a book by its cover, and all that.

** Pentagon Jr. – One of the fan favorites that I’ve noticed popping up across my Twitter timeline over the past few seasons of Lucha Underground. Pentagon Jr. had the coolest looking ring gear in the match, and was the one who really got the party started once the bell rang.

*** Drago – The dude with the coolest entrance gear I’ve seen in a while. The dragon gimmick isn’t anything new, but all the crazy gear won me over. He was overshadowed in the Triple Threat Main Event, but you could still see signs of electrifying agility from Drago.

Honorable Mention

Mascarita Sagrada: Having “mini” wrestlers (and women) for full-sized wrestlers to work against creates natural heat. WWE doesn’t present this to their wrestlers usually, so it’s good for Lucha Underground to have such variety in their storytelling outlets. Mascarita is not only a smaller dude, but the guy can move around the ring with the best of them. Can’t wait to see what else he has in his arsenal after his LU debut.