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This was one of the weirdest shows WWE has put on in a while. There were four matches, two of them ended with champions losing on free TV, and the third had Mojo Rawley beating Dolph Ziggler. The only match that seemed like something “par for the course” would be Becky defeating Nattie, like everyone else always has. Smackdown Live seems focused on TWO stories heading into WrestleMania 33, A.J. Styles versus Shane O’Mac, and Bray Wyatt against Randall Keith.

Oh yeah, and Bray Wyatt bathed in ashes, which was the strangest part of it all.

3 Stars of the Show

  • * A.J. Styles: The man cut a solid opening promo, and threw Shane McMahon threw a car window. This may be the most heel act A.J. Styles has perpetrated as a WWE Superstar. Now for him to form a new version of “THE CLUB”, or to head back to Raw with the Bald Brotherhood.
  • ** Maryse: The Miz has been on a roll with promos since the debut of “Talking Smack”, but Maryse has been shining as a heel manager outside the ring since she returned. Tonight she cut easily her best promo of 2017, and added some much needed heat to this Mixed Tag Feud with John Cena and Nikki Bella.
  • *** Shane McMahon: I give Shane McMahon as hard of a time as anyone over his in-ring performances, especially his punches, but tonight he showed why he’s the “loveable loser”. The dude is willing to do some pretty wacky stuff to tell a story, and in this era of the WWE, I’ll take anything outside the box. I wish his promo didn’t get cut short by “Chrisley Knows Best”, but the USA Network has to keep the lights on somehow!

Honorable Mention

CarmEllsworth: Loved Carmella’s sneak attack on Becky. Shades of Braun Strowman trucking Roman last night. I also appreciate how they’ve slowly built the relationship between Carmella and Ellsworth before they forced them into any real feuds/title pictures. Lastly, Ellsworth is the best salesmen in the WWE. Still putting over his beating from Cena this week in his small amount of screen time.

The Old Guys: The last few weeks WWE has been highlighting some of the backstage acts with cameos. This week we get Fit Finlay, Road Dogg, Arn Anderson, and Jamie Noble popping their heads up!

Mojo Rawley: Dude beat Dolph Ziggler, which is the biggest victory of his career. It was a walk-out/count-out, but he’ll take what he can get to keep his hypeness levels where they need to be.

Daniel Bryan: His interruption of the MizTV segment was a pretty solid use of a guy who can’t wrestle anymore. The crowd was as into it as anything else on the show.