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I legit fell asleep during the third hour of this episode of Raw. The main event was Triple H, Stephanie, and Mick Foley talking. Nothing says Raw is on Snooze Control quite like this type “finale”. I mean, it was basically the same cast as the worst WrestleMania Main Event ever, only with Mick Foley instead of Roman Reigns, and that’s a huge drop-off. 2017 Mick Foley is basically the least interesting character on a television screen, as he repeats the same old cliche nonsense every week, and can’t even take a finisher from any of the characters he’s on-screen with.

Seth Rollins showing up did NOTHING for this guy, and I’m a fan of the dude, but another “Road to Triple H Mania” storyline bores me.

3 Stars of the Show

  • * Disqualifications: There wasn’t a lot of memorable action, or storytelling, on Raw tonight, but there were THREE DQ’s! They have to force as many Triple Threat Matches for WrestleMania 33 somehow!
  • ** Kevin Owens’ New Shirt: Kevin Owens cut a promo about something that he’s already spoken on, and he did it in a pretty cool shirt. If there’s anything to be gained from tonight’s Raw hopefully it’s a new Kevin Owens figure with a KO-Mania 2 shirt for the #TOYSPOTTING Universe!
  • *** Braun Strowman: He did a LOT with a little bit of time. The best part of Raw tonight was Roman Reigns getting run over by SUPER STROWMAN, and allllllll the gifs of this moment I seen posted on Twitter during the rest of Raw. It was as unexpected as it was brutal-looking. Great way to end a segment that somehow didn’t have a Superkick, or Spear, thrown in.

Honorable Mention

Shawn Michaels: Even if he doesn’t do anything, he’s still “MR. WRESTLEMANIA”. It’s always fun seeing HBK try to scare people away from matches with “The GONG RINGER”.

Austin Aries: Made is Raw debut in a successful way. If only they could find a way to get him to commentate his own matches as they take place live!

Big Show: He’s basically being wasted since his match with Strowman a couple weeks ago. Hopefully he goes on a KILLING SPREE in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and BEYOND!

Stephanie McMahon: The best baddie the WWE has, and she punched Mick Foley in the dick.

Dana Brooke: Detroit cheered “DANA BROOKE” as she fought back against Charlotte tonight. That’s a big moment for her career.

Not the best step in the direction of WrestleMania.