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What a show! I’ve never really had a bad time at a live wrestling show, but Ring of Honor 15th Anniversary was the best ROH show I’ve ever been to live (out of 4)! Top to bottom this card was THE BUSINESS. Kenny King, hometown hero, was a part of the opener, and that was a great time,but the show only went UP from there. Impressive in all the ways, so take any chance you can to catch this show in the future on-demand/dvd/anywhere you can!

TOP 3 Matches of the Show!

  • Christopher Daniels vs Adam Cole (C) for the Ring of Honor World Title: Everything about this match was perfect. Both dudes got their **** in, but more importantly they told a story that made 100% sense in-regards to their characters. On the way to the show, “NOSTRA-JOHN-MAS”, called the entire thing. Kazarian would double-swerve the Bullet Club, and help his best friend finally win a World Title. The moment he uttered the concept I knew it was meant to be. Shout-out to Ring of Honor for doing the thing that makes the most sense, as that’s what true storytelling is all about!

** Jay Lethal vs Bobby Fish: Does ANYONE work the leg as professionally sound as Bobby f’n Fish? I think not. This match told a story that the rest of the card shied away from. It was hard-hitting, old school, wrasslin’, and I loved every second of this match. It could have easily been the match of the night, but the emotion that went into all the World Title stuff trumped this one, just barely. Jay Lethal gets a lot of love, but still NOT ENOUGH. The man can play any role, and has somehow stayed on-par with his Title run, despite losing Truth to injury. Bobby Fish’s in-ring storytelling may be the most underappreciated in THE WORLD of wrestling today. I want to see this match again ASAP.

*** Marty Scurll (C) vs Lio Rush for the ROH TV Title: I’ve been a big Scurll fan since I seen “The Villain” do his thing for the first time, but I was blown away by Lio Rush’s performance in this match. The dude apparently weighs only 160 lbs, but he uses his own body as a weapon better than pretty much anyone else I can think of. Near-falls, high-spots, and overall a great match from these two. It may get lost in the shuffle of an amazing show, but do NOT miss this one!

Honorable Mention

Roppongi Vice vs The Young Bucks vs Hardy Boyz (C) ROH Tag Title Las Vegas Street Fight: This match RULES for all the reasons, but the biggest shout-out goes to Trent Beretta, the Jean-Ralphio of pro-wrestling, who ate/spat up about 30 thumbtacks. Broken Hardyz defending their tag titles in Vegas was a great time, as was EVERYTHING else involved here, but seriously Trent is THE MAN.

Damien Martinez: The sheer size of this dude makes his athletic feats all the more impressive. Dude can fly with the best of them in Ring of Honor, and stood out more than anyone in the 6-Man match, which featured Silas Young, Cheeseburger, and Chris Sabin to give you an idea of who he outshined.

The whole show was great, but these are the thoughts that most stand-out as I sit here about to watch some NJPW at 1 a.m. Thanks for reading!