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Near-Falls once existed in another form many years ago, just like the man we interviewed for our second NEAR-FALL. Once upon a time I interviewed this man, but he was called “Crash Test Cody”, and while he still has the same soul, his journeys have changed the way he walks the Earth. See for yourself…

Can you recall the exact moment when you KNEW you wanted/had to be a Professional Wrestler?

People always think I’m joking with them, but the most awe inspiring thing to me was the Robocop and Sting vs. The 4 Horsemen segment from Capital Combat 1990.

Robocop 2 was about to come out in theaters, and my Mom’s Boyfriend at the time knew how excited I was for it. He told me that he ordered a Wrestling Pay Per View that the ultimate upholder of law enforcement would be on. Before that I can remember watching a Big Boss Man Promo, but Robocop teaming with Sting made me a believer.

I further cemented my decision after watching Beyond the Mat.While it didn’t show Wrestling in a positive light I told myself that this was something I could do.
Is there a match that you’ve had that you want EVERYONE to see?

There’s actually two. First watch the Street Fight for the FSW Tag Team Titles between The Whirlwind Gentlemen and The Following.

Then watch the Steel Cage with weapons match between Funnybone and myself.

Both of these matches took FSW Match of the Year Award in 2014 and 2016. I look back on these matches, and feel proud that I was able to have them with people that were so important to my development into what I am today.

In your opinion, what’s the most devastating maneuver in wrestling history?

Turnbuckle Power Bomb.
I’ve seen a lot of people get hurt from it, including myself. Every time I’ve taken one it’s always been a situation where I wind up spitting blood for an hour after the match.
Is there anything outside of wrestling that’s influenced how you carry yourself in the ring?

Man oh man. I pull from a lot of things. From music, movies,  and comic books. The list could go on, but I’m sure the point is there. I try to draw inspiration from anything outside of Wrestling to keep myself from going crazy. Too many people try to be copies of other Wrestlers. I try to mesh many things together that have nothing to do with Wrestling. From my Gear, to my Entrance, and even in Promos. Chances are any idea I have was sparked from something far from the Realm of Pro Wrestling.
Have you ever wanted to re-do a moment from your career?

I try not to open this box. Honestly, there’s plenty of things I wish I could redo. Hindsight will always be 20/20. Harping on what could have been can be detrimental in one’s progress. I do everything I can to move forward. Except for shaving my head. I should have done that years ago!
Is there anyone currently wrestling that you would love to square-off with?

I’ve always wanted a match with Tommy Dreamer, and it was something that was supposed to happen too. I made another decision for myself, though. After all is said and done I’m glad I did.
What’s the biggest surprise/misconception you’ve encountered in your career?

I remembered being shocked when I learned the structure of a match. I guess it was just something that as a fan never struck me until I started training. Now it’s something I often times obsess over.
What Superhero would Cut Throat Cody be the arch nemesis of?

That’s a hard question! For now I’m going to have to go with Ghost Rider. If I had occult powers I would probably rub the Spirit of Vengeance the wrong way.

Who do you think deserves more respect than they currently receive as a professional wrestler?

Nick Buggati, hands down. I’ve never seen anyone work harder than him. Inside or outside of a ring. He pushes himself, and those close to him, to be better.
If you could wrestle anywhere/anytime in the history of wrestling, where would you like to go?

I know in my heart I always wanted to wrestle for ECW during the late 90’s. I was very much into everything they were doing. I was devastated when they shut it down. Even more so after the botched revival of it. I can always look back fondly, though. I think I would have been a good fit.
Do you have a favorite artifact from your career that you’ve kept along the way?

I had a gentleman during a Cauliflower Alley show in 2012 give me a picture of Himself and Andre the Giant. It was a strange interaction at first, as I was in a hallway that I thought I could have some privacy in order to stretch. He came up to me, and started a pleasant enough conversation, then he hit me with some heavy stuff. He told me he had been a Wrestling fan since he was a kid, and he came to Vegas that year because he found out he was dying.

He apologized, and said that he just had a feeling about me and explained how he wanted me to go far. He started talking about Andre and showed me a picture of them together. He told me the whole story of how they met, and he kept on saying how great it was to have been able to have a conversation with Andre that made him smile. After all of this he handed me the picture and told me to keep it. He had carried it with him all those years and he didn’t have many people around him that would truly understand how happy meeting Andre made him. I thanked him, and gave him a hug. I never saw or heard from him after that, but I still have the picture. I keep it in my gear bag.
Around how many matches have you had at this point in your career?

Over 150 maybe close to 200. In 2014 during my PPW/WCWC days I would work upwards to 4 matches over the Weekend in Oregon, then I would have 2 to 3 matches in Vegas in a night. That bumped up the number for sure.
I’m going to list some names, please give me your first/honest reactions to them…
FSW – Home.

Fire Pro Wrestling – The most important Wrestling Game Series, Ever. I’m so pumped for Fire Pro World to Come out!

Also you can’t mention Fire Pro without acknowledging the community, I got a lot of love and support from the Fire Pro Club early on in my career. I couldn’t be more thankful for that. One guy in specific that was always awesome to me was Ceese. It’s a shame that he passed, but I’ll always be reminded that in today’s day and age you can make friends with anyone in the world.

Japan – A place I would love to visit, or wrestle for. I love Puro, and the style that came from early to mid 90’s AJPW. I was also a big fan of FMW, as well. Some of the best Wrestling in the world comes from there. It’s great to see how the Media treats it as Sport, I’ll always love that.

Kevin Kross – He’s a man that has the intellect of a serial killer that hasn’t been caught. On top of that he has shown exactly how self promotion can make you valued by any company. I had a hand in helping him early on. Nowadays I don’t keep his ear, which is a shame. I could do so much more for him, but now he has surrounded himself with a set of Gentleman who I have a rich History of Violence with. Our paths will cross again someday, when that day comes it will be time for the Tollman to pay the Devil his due.

Funny Bone – Funny Bone is a guy I used to watch as a fan, he was someone I respected, and he’s someone who’s respect I always wanted. I went to great lengths to expand my threshold for pain to be on his level. After our feud last year I can hold my head high knowing that I reached his level, and I earned his respect. If we ever cross paths again I’ll push myself just as hard to keep that respect.

King of Coliseum – With Fire Pro World on the horizon I can only hope we might get a continuation of the KoC series! I still play KoC II from time to time, such a great game. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do yourself a favor, and check it out!

Jace Battle – The first time I saw Jace I immediately saw potential, but he needed guidance. I tried to show him how, then like many others he tried to go his own way. Jace Battle was much like Icarus, he flew too close to the sun on wings made of wax. He keeps my respect, but if he ever decides to cross me again, he’ll have to sacrifice even more than he did then. He knows that nobody in the hall of FSW will go to the lengths that I will to keep what belongs to me.

Ghost (the band) – My favorite band that has emerged in the last 10 years. From the Music to the presence they carry. Absolutely Stellar.

Bryce Harrison – A fellow Fire Pro enthusiast! He quite literally put himself on the line for me to be shown in a different light. To the point where he may have sacrificed his own status in FSW. My time with him in The Following with Shelly, Jake, and Duke was certainly a high point in my career. I’ll always be thankful for him. Another brilliant mind to the point that he might know where to hide a dead body.

Jacob Austin Young –
Another person I have a rich history with. We teamed with Greg Romero for a bit in our early years, then he tried to permanently blind me. After much ruminating I decided that I didn’t want to be a “Dummy” anymore. I’ve been in Wars with him, and I’ve gone to War with him plenty of times. Respect given.
Where can everyone find you on the internet/social media?
Instagram @cutthroatcody
Twitter @crashtestcody or just add me on Facebook under my real name Cody Hancock.
Any Upcoming Shows you’d like everyone to know about? This Sunday I’ll be defending the FSW No Limits Title at When Stars Collide at Sam’s Town. After that FSW will be back at the FSW arena for a TV taping on the 31st. Then I’ll be back at Freakshow Wrestling on April 29th.
I’ll also be involved with Fantasy Slam Pro Wrestling Camp. Check out for more info!

Thanks to Cody for taking the time from his busy schedule of hiding bodies! Make sure you check out the matches he linked at the top, and enjoy the rest of my man’s career!