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Just want to say thanks to Nino Black for doing this! If you’re not familiar, Nino is one of the up-and-coming wrestlers in the Las Vegas Independent Wrestling scene. Looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future, and I hope this introduces him to some new wrestling fans!
What’s your first memory of wrestling?
I’ve been watching wrestling for pretty much my whole entire life, but my earliest memory has to be when Hulk Hogan turned his back on the fans. Dropping the big leg drop on the Macho Man Randy Savage. Creating the N.W.O.! That moment is honestly what changed my mind about the whole good guy vs bad guy concept.
Who is the baddest dude Nino Black has ever been in the ring with?
Well with me being pretty new to the independent scene I have only mixed it up with a few wrestlers. The best that I have been in the ring with personally, I would have to say Suede Thompson. Learned a lot from that guy in a 7-8 minute match but as far as baddest guys I would have to shout out to my brother Clutch!! Big, strong, intense and agile dude. Haven’t wrestled him, but I have tagged with him in some classic 6-man tag matches, and with him being my gym partner, I know that he can toss around some heavy weights like nothing.
When you’re not wrestling, what are you doing?  
I just recently got back into gaming. I own every major system available but I’m constantly playing the PlayStation 4 on my down time. I’m playing a game Grand theft auto online every chance I get so if anyone wants to add me my gamer tag is MarttyMac5. Take it easy on me lol. (Looks like we’re going to have to get in some #Gamespotting on GTA!)
What’s the one match you’ve had that you want EVERYONE to see? 
Man I would have to say the 6-man tag match that I had with the the Bonu$ Boyz vs Suede Thompson and The WhirlWind Gentlemen. Those are 5 experienced guys and it was my first big match to go out there and show everyone that I can hold my own with the all stars in FSW. Then the following show against Suede raised the bar and was probably one of the best matches on the card.
Do you have a favorite exercise at the gym? 
Curls for the girls bro!!! It’s part of my moveset in the ring so I gotta make sure ya boy out there looking like a monster!!
Is there anyone wrestling today that you’d love a chance to go toe-to-toe with? 
I would have to say Roman Reigns. Big powerful and quick guy and I’d like to think of myself as a powerful and quick guy and I think we could go out there and brawl and make a really good fight feel for the crowd.
What’s Nino Black’s favorite  movie? 
Man Paid in Full is definitely the best movie I ever seen. Any black male in my age group that grew up where I did would probably say the same. We can relate to everything in that movie first hand. Wanting to make it out of the hood, or just wanting to be the man in the hood, wanting to be able to provide for your friends and family, falling into the fast money, the fast cars, and the fast women, and then seeing loved ones turn their backs on you once the money stops coming in. That movie made me want to get into that type of lifestyle, and then after reading on the real life story that it is based off of, it made me want to get out of that lifestyle.
If you could team up with ANYONE in the history of wrestling, who would it be? 
I would have to say Randy Orton. Probably my favorite wrestler of all time. Everything he does is perfect in my eyes.
Was WrestleMania 32 worth the trip? 
One of my greatest experiences ever! Never been around that many people in my life and for all of them to be wrestling fans was incredible! I’d go every year if I could, and that makes me want to actually perform at WrestleMania instead of just being a spectator.
What’s the one building you’d love to have a match in more than anywhere else? 
Easy!! The Thomas and Mack Center. I’ve Gone to so many wrestling events there and to see Ryback get so much love from the home crowd…. I want to have that same experience!
Name one wrestler who deserves more respect than they are currently getting? 
R-Truth… I feel that he did a really good job as a heel with the whole little jimmy thing and I was really hoping that he was going to get to hold that WWE title at least once in his career. That man is really talented and now he’s just there. If you watch the replay on Hulu then you don’t even see his segments anymore lol it’s wrong! (Amen to this! Truth NEVER gets the respect he deserves!)
Do you have a favorite quote? 
My first few weeks training in the ring Disco Inferno use to always say. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!! Stuck to me.
I’m going to list some names, please give me your first/honest reactions to them…
Las Vegas – Love hate relationship. Sure everyone that lives here feels the same.
Bonu$ Boyz – Brothers and the best tag team on the west coast.
FSW – Going to be as big as Ring of Honor one day. If FSW had the financial backings then it would as big as ROH is now!
The Whirlwhind Gentlemen – Underrated! Talented guys who have a great mind for the business.
Suede Thompson – I honestly can see me feuding with this guy in the major leagues. Because of the differences in our characters I think we could have a entertaining match anywhere we go.
UFC – That s**t is Fake!! Jk but that was something I really wanted to do after high school with me having a background in Jiu Jitsu being trained by Mica Cipili down at the Gracie gym.
The Silverton – Excellent venue and they show a lot of love to FSW and the Cracker Barrel is on point! Sponsor me! ( wink, wink)
Triple H – Best for business! Making me proud to be a wrestling fan with all the new talent he’s signing.
Where can everyone find you on Social Media? 
Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram-@NinoBlack702. Working on a FaceBook now.
Do you have any upcoming matches/shows you want to let everyone know about? 
FSW will be at the Silverton March 31st WrestleMania weekend so you already know I’ll be there destroying whoever I’m facing.
Thanks, yo! Good looking out! 
Thank you for having me brother..
Make sure you follow my boy Nino Black all over Social Media, and in the WRESTLING RING, everyone!