According to ESPN, Brandon Marshall took a “hometown discount” to join the New York Football Giants at $6 Million a year for 2 years. He turns 33 years old later this month, has never played in the NFL Postseason, and has called MetLife StadiumĀ  home for the past 2 seasons. As the Wideout Market sets itself, this contract will seem like a steal (See: Pierre Garcon).

Is Brandon Marshall and upgrade over Victor Cruz? Yes, possibly even at their peaks. The dude can play anywhere on the field, and he draws attention on (and off) the field, which will help Odell Beckham Jr. in a lot of ways. He’s a veteran who can impart wisdom on the two younger star WR’s the Giants have, and he’s hungry for some VICTORY, which always makes for the best free agent.

The Giants continue to make free agency splashes in the Ben McAdoo era, and as a Giants fan I’m a big supporter of this. When Tom Coughlin was closing out his run as the Head Coach there were rumblings that the NYG Front Office was leaving him hanging in Free Agency on-purpose. There’s no way you can make a case for Jerry Reese hamstringing McAdoo, though.

Getting better for a good price is what the off-season is all about. Hopefully the Giants continue this trend all the way into the 2017 season!