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WWE Fastlane was last night, and despite all the WCW jokes and Jinder Mahal-related segments it wasn’t the worst thing ever. Joe and Zayn with a solid opener, a Tag-Title Match that didn’t suck, Cruiserweights actually blowing the roof off, and a Jericho-sighting to help Goldberguson win a WWE Universal Championship. That last part seemed to be a bit polarizing, but it wasn’t like WWE didn’t give us a month’s warning to prepare, so it hit rather softly in the big scheme of things.

Raw tonight from CHICAGO was probably the best Raw of 2017, to this point. It FLEW by like it was an episode of SD Live, except for the whole Bayley/Sasha/Charlotte stuff. Something about the Women’s Division on Raw is just horribly out-of-whack. Bayley had her big moment on Raw, which is acceptable since I was there live in Las Vegas. Charlotte losing her PPV Winning Streak on a B-Show in a C-Match was also pretty disappointing. WrestleMania is coming up, and now Sasha has forced her way into Charlotte/Bayley’s Championship Match, but not with enough conniving means to make any true heat between her and the Champ. This match could be for Charlotte’s streak/title, Bayley’s dream, and Sasha’s baddie alignment, but it’s pretty much just a random 3-Way Title match.

3 Stars of the Show

  • * Stephanie McMahon: I’m usually one of the biggest detractors of the Stephanie character, but she KO’d all of Chicago tonight (again). They brought their “CM PUNK” chants, and unlike Bill Goldberg, Stephanie didn’t need Paul Heyman to come save her from them.
  • ** Braun Strowman: Having a stare-down moment with THE UNDERTAKER is a pretty big deal for the “MOUNTAIN AMONGST MEN”, or whatever Cole keeps calling Braun. The crowd going APE with the “HOLY SHIT” chants just made it perfect. I was bummed that Braun just walked off, but perhaps this is just the first step in the right direction, which is adding Braun to any WrestleMania match that features Taker this year.
  • *** The Undertaker: He intimidated Braun, and CHOKESLAMMED Roman, so you have to have Taker in the Top 3. It’s insane how much presence the man still has, and I just hope he’s ready to rock by the time Mania comes.

Honorable Mention

Brock Lesnar – Finally F-5’d Goldberguson. It was basically the same segment as Roman/Taker, except not as cool, even though it happened first.

Paul Heyman – The second his voice came over the loudspeakers all the awkwardness from Goldberg’s short-lived celebration went away. I’ll forever be a Paul Heyman GUY.

Rich Swann v Neville – Another great title defense for Neville. The 205 Division has gone UPHILL since he won the title, and TOZAWA showed up. Austin Aries poking his face back in the mix should continue the upward trend.

The Gift of Jericho – Honorable mention, man…