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The closer we get to the Royal Rumble, the better Monday Night Raw seems to get. This week it began with the usual suspects, and then all of a sudden Brock Lesnar was tossing people through the Suplex City Limits! Between that, and all the 205 Live love, this Raw had a pretty solid theme holding it together.


It doesn’t take him much, but a little bit of BROCK VIOLENCE goes a long way. He made Roman’s Superman Punch look great, until he erased it from everyone’s memory by F-5 Mr. Reigns out of the building. I had hoped Brock sat around for 3 hours like the rest of us, so he could come out and kill everyone again in the main event, but it was not to be. Brock was home tucked into bed by the time the 6-Man Tag began, I reckon.

Second Star of the Show – Sami Zayn

Out of the SIX combatants in Raw’s final match, Sami Zayn is the only one who really had to fight for his spot. His constant attacks on Braun Strowman, and his goofy attempt at recreating The Shield, shot Sami up the card tonight. They basically used our favorite ginger beard to help get Roman some babyface love, and by the end of the show, I think it actually worked.

Third Star of the Show – Austin Aries

With all the Cruiserweight Division segments we were treated with TRIPLE A-DOUBLE! Aries picked up where Nigel left off, as far as keeping Cole from stepping all over the matches they called together. Aries is about 70000x  more entertaining on the microphone than Booty Saxton, so he shines like a damn star with a few bouts to call on one show. He’s also got pretty great chemistry with Corey Graves, but that may just be Graves’ inherent ability to make wrestling commentary work with ANYONE.


Cedric Alexander – Cedric using Alicia Fox’s affections against her is a fun new way to introduce a character to the Raw audience. Of course, in the end Dar/Fox will team-up against Alexander, but they’ve played it good, so far.

New Day / Titus – Two weeks in a row these four guys have had a throwaway segment, and it’s kept me laughing the entire time. Titus is the perfect guy to put over the best comedy trio while they cool off from the Tag Titles.

Kurt Angle – It’s TRUE… it’s DAMN TRUE! I loved hearing the “YOU SUCK” chants to Kurt’s WWE theme again. Only in wrestling can such a chant be meant in a loving manner. Cheers to Kurt Angle going into the HALL OF FAME!