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I’m a sucker for a competitive wrestling tournament full of fresh faces, so I’m pretty much the target market for the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. Every thing from the sneak attacks to the surprise debuts were what I’d call wrestling perfection. They even found someone crazier than Neville for him to do his babyface thing against. WWE is on a roll to kick-off 2017, and this is their best show yet.

First Star of the Show – Pete Dunne

He may not have won the UK Title, but Pete Dunne is now a WWE SUPERSTAR known for doing whatever it takes to win. He made his mark on Night 1, but his match with Mandrews on Night 2 showed Dunne’s true potential to be a wrestling bad guy. Near-fall after near-fall, and the crowd just kept eating them up. I made a tweet about these two basically being the UK versions of Kevin Owens (Dunne) and Sami Zayn (Mandrews), and I hope we get to see them fight forever just like their Canadian counterparts.

Second Star of the Show – Tyler Bate

The FIRST EVER WWE United Kingdom Champion, Tyler Bate. You’d never know he was only 19-years old, if Michael Cole hadn’t mentioned it 57 times during his matches. In a lot of ways he’s the Alex Wright of the U.K. scene right now, as he’s been chosen to be the future star by THE BIG LEAGUES. Will Bate’s career be similar to that of “Das Wunderkind”? Time will tell, but their legitimate work-rates at such a young age make them seem quite comparable already.

I’m most excited to see if Tyler Bate gives his friend, and fellow tag partner, Trent Seven a title shot!

Third Star of the Show – Tommy End

I had to remove the F-BOMB from the middle of Tommy’s name due to the all-ages friednly nature of this site. The crowd’s intensity went up ten-fold the second “TOMMY END” could be read across the Titantron. He didn’t disappoint with his impressive offensive barrage, even though he came up short against Neville. I can’t blame WWE, as Neville is on a ROLL as of late. Tommy End being able to get over in a loss show his true potential, and I hope we get more of this DUTCH MONSTER in the near future. Nakamura may have a new NXT Title Challenger!

Honorable Mention

NEVILLE – Keeps getting better every time he touches the mic. He’s also still one of the greatest in-ring performers currently breathing.

Trent Seven – Lost in the biggest upset of the tournament, but left a huge impression on THIS wrestling fan.

Wolfgang – Constantly stepped up his game match after match. Did a great job of making Tyler Bate look powerful in a hurry, and is someone I hope we get to see more of in the future. Wolfgang is my kind of carnie.