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Few things have seemed meant for the #TOYSPOTTING Universe quite like the TMNT/WWE Crossover Series! WWE Ninja Superstars Series 2 has been announced, and it may even be better than Series 1! It’s hard to top Michaelangelo as Macho Man, but Roddy Piper is something I never would have even considered. Now all we need is a Dusty Rhodes/Mikey in Series 3, and all my favorite Old School Wrestlers will be in Mikey form!

Leonardo as Finn Balor

Last time we got Leo Cena, so this figure says a lot about the faith they have in Finn being the next “FACE THAT RUNS THE PLACE”! His age is surprisingly close to Cena in real life, but hopefully these recent injuries are just a few speed bumps on the way to him main eventing some WrestleManias!

Donatello as Ultimate Warrior

Donnie was Taker in Series 1, so that means he’s one of  The Blade Runners now! It’ll be cool to see them next to each other when this series finally releases. I never really thought of Don as the most intense wrestler in the history of cutting promos, but that’s exactly who we’re getting this time around. Whoever is selecting these characters must really think of Donatello as having a dark side.

Raphael as The Rock

The most ELECTRIFYING Turtle in Sports Entertainment? Raph is probably the perfect turtle to represent the PEOPLE’S EYEBROW in figure form. His facial expressions are nearly as deadly as his NINJITSU. My second favorite Turtle as one of my favorite wrestlers ever. Another great call.

Mikey as Roddy Piper

I never knew I needed this figure until I woke up this morning. So many of my favorite childhood things rolled into one bad ass figure. I would have bet money that Raphael would be Hot Rod, but I couldn’t be more stoked to be wrong. I still haven’t even found the Macho Man Mikey figure to go with the first series, but it’s the one I’ve wanted the most since they were announced. We’ll see if Roddy can top the Savage, but it’s a step in the same awesome direction either way.

The first set of WWE Ninja Superstars hit Wal-Mart almost right after they were announced, so keep your eyes peeled for Series 2, #TOYSPOTTING U!