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Triple H continues to prove he is Vince McMahon’s child with the greatest mind for the wrestling business, in-law or otherwise. The WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament sounded like a wonderful idea in theory, but the execution has ratcheted the greatness up. Everything from Michael Cole on commentary to the atmosphere provided by the Blackpool crowd was what we’ve all been dreaming would come to the WWE Network since its inception.

The only real question is: How do I narrow it down to a TOP 3 out of the 16 combatants involved in Night 1?

First Star of the Show – Pete Dunne

From the moment I first saw Pete Dunne, I had a feeling he would be the Vinnie Jones to Triple H’s “Guy Ritchie”. Dunne has the look and attitude that screams everything that Triple H wants to say with the #WWEUKCT. ‘The Bruiserweight’  is also reminiscent of Vinnie Jones in that he doesn’t need facial hair to cover up all the character already present on his face.

He may not even win the United Kingdom Championship, but Pete Dunne already made a name for himself in the WWE Universe. I can’t wait to see more of his anti-establishment attitude taking over his future matches. This brawler with a babyface is going places.

Second Star of the Show – Tyler Bate

It’s crazy this dude is only 19 years old, as he already seems to be a crafty ring general. The kid is a freak of nature in all ways, and may be the prototype look for a wrestling champion. He seems to have a ton of charisma to go with his in-ring ability, and I can see Bate going to the finals easily.

Bate seems like the solid option to build this division around, especially being how young WWE found him. It will be interesting to see his progression through the company following this tournament.

Third Star of the Show – Mark Andrews

Mandrews has been doing big things in one of the best storylines of 2016, and now he’s advancing in a WWE Tournament to start 2017. The guy works the current babyface style perfectly for WWE TV. This tournament seems to be ripe for some heels, but it shows how truly talented Andrews is, since he can make you care about him even while he’s just “stage divin’ and high five’n”!

Of anyone in the tournament, Mark Andrews is probably the most marketable. The dude has winning smile, personality, and style. In fact, if his contract with TNA expired sooner, I could have seen Mandrews as the first CWC winner, but perhaps he’ll be claiming that title further down the road.

Honorable Mention

Trent Seven – Dope beard, twisty mustache, and built like a ball of THUNDER!!! This is probably my personal favorite entrant in the tournament, but he just couldn’t break the TOP 3 in Night 1!

Cole and Nigel – I’m possibly one of Cole’s biggest critics, so I have to give him a shout-out for his great chemistry with Nigel McGuinness tonight. It was ALL UP-HILL after he said “VINTAGE TRENT SEVEN”.

Danny Burch – Dude just has an IT factor, that I hope keeps him as a mainstay in the division. I’d love to see him as the Tony Nese-type, who may never win a match, but does great work.

Tyson T-Bone – The Brad Pitt Gypsy gimmick played perfectly. I didn’t think he had a shot to win his match, but I’d definitely like to see him back facing off with others in the UK Division. He got a lot of character across in a short amount of time.

Can’t wait for NIGHT 2!