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Smackdown has easily been a better show since it went LIVE with the brand-split. Is it better than Raw? Some would tell you “yes” without question, but I think it heavily depends on who you tune into WWE for. This week highlighted some of my favorite acts (I.E.: Luke Harper), but also keyed in on John Cena, who always brings the ratings. The Wyatt Family, Ellsworth/Carmella, and of course A.J. Styles keep the Blue Brand afloat in this sea of WWE products.


First Star – The Wyatt Family

I wanted to give this one just to Luke, or maybe Randy, and possibly even Bray, but I settled on all three men. Their story has been highly interesting since Orton joined the Wyatt Family ranks, and Luke Harper’s slow build towards rebelling against Bray has provided suspense that Hitchcock would approve of. Orton’s growing a beard, Bray got rid of the blonde dreadlock, and Luke Harper’s bald-spot is starting to be one of his defining characteristics. They’re a freakshow that seems to be falling apart, and it’s great wrestling television.

I just hope in the end Luke Harper is somehow on his own after this story finishes playing itself out. Perhaps he could be a cult leader against a more relatable “good guy” Bray? Maybe.

Second Star – CarmEllsworth

I’m a sucker for odd-couple pairings in wrestling, and these two are the definition of an odd-couple. Ellsworth was a great breath of fresh air in the WWE Title picture, but I like how they’ve found something for him to do that doesn’t involve AJ/Dean/Cena, at least for a little while.

I’ve always been skeptical of Carmella, but so far she’s shown she can play the baddie, AND that she at least as competent in the ring as Enzo Amore. Having the male valet James Ellsworth is a fun addition to whatever she has going on, and it keeps ol’ Jimmy Ellsworth out of everyone’s way.

Third Star – Baron Corbin

Main eventing with John Cena? Win/lose/draw you still have a new “#1” on the resume’. A.J. Styles being on commentary also helps, but overall I’m just impressed at how well the roster on Smackdown is used. Corbin has a lot of what Braun Strowman has going for him, only he was stuck in “Dolph Ziggler Hell” to start his main roster run. Corbin should be fine in the long run, especially if he keeps getting caught up in matches with AJ/Cena!

Honorable Mentions:

Alicia Fox (205 Live) – Best Break-Up freakout imaginable. He voice sounded like something out of a cartoon, which means she’ll fit well next to Noam Dar.

Jack Gallagher (205 Live) – He’s as much of a linguistic technician as he ring general. I had no idea what to expect from Jackie Boy on a WWE microphone, but he’s been the best part of 205 Live, not named Neville!