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The Road to the Road to WrestleMania goes through Royal Rumble, and 2017 has had a couple of pretty solid Raw’s to hype the show up. The Rumble seems stacked already (Goldberg, Lesnar, etc), but it doesn’t hurt adding a dead man to the mix! I’m a sucker for the Rumble match usually, and this year’s may be the best of the decade. Onto the TOP 3 STARS of This Week’s Raw!

First Star – The Undertaker

Once that gong hits, no one else in the WWE really matters. The best part of his appearance was Steph and Foley stayed out of the way. His music hit, he came out, shared that he’d be in the Royal Rumble, and then left. No Steph big timing, or Foley being Foley. If only the two of them would sit in the corner and shut up more often.

Second Star – Kevin Owens

It’s not every day that Roman Reigns takes a Powerbomb onto the apron of the ring. Looked just as awesome as it was supposed to, and it took Roman’s US Backpack off him, and placed it on Jericho. That’s a win/win/win in my book.

Third Star – Braun Strowman

Braun showing up instantly makes a segment better. Seth Rollins whining in the back? Send in Braun! Roman and JeriKO still wasting time in the ring? Send on BRAUN! A big ol’ dude with a sweet beard, and a surprising amount of athleticism. He’s Kane/Taker/Big Show all in-one, for now.


Enzo’s Wheelchair – I’ve always said Enzo is better off as a manager, and this wheelchair prop could be HIS megaphone (see: Jimmy Hart). His faces coupled with him rolling around was easily the funniest part of Raw this week.

Nia Jax – She just fits better on the main roster than she ever did in NXT. Everything Dana Brooke was supposed to be as Charlotte’s henchwoman seems to work better with Nia Jax.

HBK – Showed up, Superkicked Rusev, and left. Oh yeah, he plugged some flick.